So much has happened in our world over the last couple of years, and the adoption of changes that improve our sense of security is apparent in several aspects of life. Focusing on mental health, improving work-life balances, and turning our living spaces into the perfect haven are a few of the many goals Americans are working to achieve.

Part of the desire to improve mental and physical well-being involves designing homes that welcome us back at the end of a long day. As such, color has become an important element of home decor.

Sherwin-Williams predicts that home improvement projects in 2023 will employ the use of more neutral, natural wall colors, like those included in TERRA’s 40-color collection that includes four unique palettes – Biome, Lore, Nexus, and Origin.

Biome Palette

The Biome palette embraces many of the colors found in nature, from soothing, soft hues to darker, more intense ones. The palette contains twelve neutral, earthy colors including several degrees of warm tan, dark bronze, woody/sandy pigments, and light to dark grays.

Lore Palette

In addition to displaying the beauty and contrast of natural elements, the TERRA collection also emphasizes colors that inspire creativity. Since 2020, thousands of people have reignited their passion for artistry and their dedication to practicing a craft. The Lore palette includes twelve natural, yet less neutral colors like light and dark reds, a deep green, sunset orange and yellow, mauve, and an amethyst-like soft purple.

Nexus Palette

The Nexus palette makes use of lighter, more airy colors thought to promote soothing feelings. Similar to the Biome palette in the fact that this palette displays highly earthy tones, it stands out by including more warm, fuzzy colors instead of nature’s more intense shades. This palette contains twelve different shades of tan, clay red, brown, and one inviting salmon pink hue.

Origin Palette

Because the early 2020s have seen something of a revival in 1980s fashion, music, and decor, color schemes in recent home makeovers are reflecting popular shades from decades passed. The Origin palette adds twelve pops of vibrant color to an otherwise relatively neutral set of options. Origin includes indigo, golden yellow, eye-catching green, wine purple, brick red, off-white, and even bold black. They’re quite flexible colors as well, as they make great accent walls, statement colors for a room, or creative pops of color when used in conjunction with more traditional colors (ex: whites, grays, mauves).

If you’re thinking about revamping your home or office space and you’ve not yet decided on colors or even a color scheme, take a look at the TERRA 40 palettes for inspiration and a jump-start on next year’s most desirable shades, tones, and pigments.